Full Moon Cupcakes for Lauren

Full Moon Cupcakes for Lauren

Full Moon Cupcakes for Lauren

Lauren’s mum ordered a cake before for her first daughter. It was the Castle Cake for Megan. This time she has another daughter.

She orders 2 packages for her full moon. One is a box of 4 cupcakes & the other one is a box of 6s.

This time the cupcakes have more variety in design, as they are a mix of 2D & 3D toppers.

For the 4 package she chooses Chocolate & Strawberry flavours.

For the 6 packages, she chooses Pandan, Chocolate & Strawberry flavours.

I worked long hours for these, as in total there are 84 cupcakes, but quite enjoyable :)

I really love these 3D toppers.

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