Isaac’s 1 month Cupcakes

Isaac’s 1 month Cupcakes

Isaac’s 1 month Cupcakes

Isaac’s mum ordered these cupcakes about a week and a half before his full month. At the same time I had another wedding cupcakes for a friend’s wedding. At first, she ordered 10 boxes of 6 cupcakes, then a few days later she added 20 cupcakes. A couple of days later she wanted 12 boxes of 6 cupcakes. At the end, it became 13boxes of 6 cupcakes & 25 single cupcakes!! Lol.

Somehow I managed to bake Isaac’s cupcakes & friend’s cupcakes in 1 day. So tiring.

I also got the nice packaging from my supplier. Very happy with it. I did the ribboning as well to make them presentable.

The mother asked for 3 flavours in every box: vanilla, chocolate & green tea cupcakes.

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