Kungfu Panda Cake for Brandon

Kungfu Panda Cake for Brandon

Kungfu Panda Cake for Brandon

My loyal customer asking me to make this for her son’s 7th birthday. Brandon is such a cute boy. He loves eating.

She sent me a 3D kungfu panda cake image. I made it into a topper instead because a 3D cake will be very time consuming.

This topper is inspired by the image. Somehow I come out with a hillarious version.

At first I only want to add the panda as a topper, but since the cake is Lapis Surabaya Cake with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream, I just think that it won’t hold the topper strong enough. I add a small styro platform to hold it.

Then, my friend (the lolly table organiser) made the invitation. On it, there are some chinese lanterns. Suddenly I thought they would be cute on the cake too. I made those tiny hanging lanterns.

With the name, something that’s close to Chinese Characters would match, since everything is so oriental already. I printed the letters & traced them on the cake. I painted the name.

I like the cake look so much. The good thing is that the small styro can be kept as a display :)

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