Mashimaro Cake & Cupcakes

Mashimaro Cake & Cupcakes

Mashimaro Cake & Cupcakes

This is quite a big order for Xingqi, who is turning 2 & Mandy, the mother.

The customer asks for a cake, 20 cupcakes with 3D toppers, some round macarons & some Mashimaro macarons.

Anyway, Mashimaro is a Korean character.

They are cute & quite easy to make, but still time consuming :)

The customer wants me to make 2 mashimaros cuddling as per picture.

The cake is Chocolate oreo cake with Oreo vanilla swiss meringue buttercream & coated with Dark Choc Ganache.

The mother’s body is from LCM & the head from styro. She turned out quite big, but looked good when matched with the baby.

The grass is painted. I enjoy painting it.

The cupcakes are Strawberry Flavour with Vanilla swiss meringue buttercream filling

I make them in 4 different designs: with bow, holding a heart/carrot & wearing a brown belt on head.

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