Panda Cake & Cupcakes for Nashrah’s Birthday

Panda Cake & Cupcakes for Nashrah’s Birthday

Panda Cake & Cupcakes for Nashrah’s Birthday

This time Panda rules! Nashrah’s big sister rang me and told me that Nashrah would turn 13. A teenager girl who doesn’t like pink too much because she thinks she’s a big girl now.

She loves green, blue, purple & a hint of pink.

It is not easy to get the ideas for the cake. At first, I designed a white-based cake to enhance her favourite colours. When I finished decorating it, it actually looked so dull & dead! I ended up adding green & brown colours & a little bit of grass here & there to brighten the cake.

I feel relieved because now the cake has got more details & colours compared to the first one.

I had the idea to add some picnic stuffs on the carpet, like cups,cakes, etc, but her sister wanted it just plain.

I like the watery effect. Just a touch of piping gel & blue colouring :)

The cake is White Choc Mudcake with White Choc Ganache.

For the cupcakes toppers, I quite enjoy making them. I spend around 4 hours to make them. By the way, the toppers are imitated from the email Nashrah’s sister gave me.

They are White Choc Mud cupcakes topped with White Choc Ganache.

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