Timmy Time Cake for Deegan

Timmy Time Cake for Deegan

Timmy Time Cake for Deegan

This is a cake made for a birthday boy who loves Timmy & Scooter so much.

The original idea was to put Timmy standing on the scooter. I have to put it next to the scooter, since it’s too heavy to stand on it. The scooter broke when I tried that.

The cake is a Chocolate Oreo Cake filled with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

Some of the characters’ bodies are from Rice Krispies. The grass walls are also from Rice Krispies.

Only 3 characters made as Deegan’s mum wants Timmy & the scooter to be the main focus.

I love how the scooter turns out! Quite time consuming to make this one.

The house itself took me an hour to finish. It’s from Rice Krispies too.

Not forgetting the details on the 4 cake sides. Those green bricks :)

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